Here's a place where I can write some other thoughts of mine

Hi there. I'm Bonanza. As I've detailed elsewhere, I am fascinated by the concept of consensus and non-consensus views. Outside of the financial world, I have been drawn to the non-consensus views and the implications from those thoughts. 

Some common themes among the posts I'll write about:

  • First principle thinking
  • Heavy nuance and context
  • A strong dislike of mental shortcuts
  • Out-of-the-box thinking

Basically, I think we should all be thinking a little bit more deeply about our beliefs and behaviors. Apologies for some of the overlap between the different concepts. Maybe I'll write separate posts on each of these thoughts at a later time explaining them in more detail.

My inspiration to start writing about some of these ideas is scattered across a number of factors. A major catalyst was the election of Trump and the breakdown of the quality of discussion between liberals and conservatives. Other catalysts: career reflection, my realization of the value of putting thoughts down on paper and sharing them with others, and a desire to change what I view as misguided thoughts.