Lowe's: Back-Half Guidance in Focus

Key Issue 1: Confidence in comp guidance for the back-half of the year

Key Issue 2: Confidence in margin guidance for the back-half of the year

Key Issue 3: Closing the HD/LOW Gap

Key Issue 4: Invest in HD or LOW?

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Home Depot: Debate Centers on Valuation

Home Depot is a widely admired company on Wall Street. Overall sentiment among Wall Street analysts is bullish, with the majority of analysts holding largely positive views on the stock. While there aren't many bears, there are analysts that believe the stock has run its course. Below are the key issues that these analysts are talking about.

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Home Depot: Risk/Reward Becoming More Balanced After Solid 2014

Home Depot recently reported 4Q results that were above expectations and were well received by investors. The company is executing at a high level and appears to have all of the momentum behind it. However, with the stock up 41% over the last year, Home Depot's stock no longer appears to be an obvious buy as the risk/reward starts to balance out. I'll discuss the details and other thoughts on the strong quarter below.

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How Analysts Arrive at Target Prices, and Home Depot's 2015 Outlook

If you follow a major company, you may have noticed that the stock will sometimes move based on an analyst's upgrade/downgrade on the stock. And within that upgrade/downgrade, analysts will often set a mysterious target price for the stock, with no discussion of how they calculated that price. How do they get to it?

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An Underappreciated Metric for Home-Related Stocks

If you own a home-related stock like Home Depot or Williams Sonoma, you may see the stock react sharply around the 25th of each month. You might also see this happen if you own an appliance retailer like Best Buy or a mattress company like Tempur-Pedic. These moves tend to coincide with the release of a macroeconomic data point called existing home sales. What is this metric, and why is it so important for so many companies?

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