Gilead: What Will Provide the Growth Needed for Multiple Expansion?

- In order to outperform, Gilead will need to generate higher revenue growth going forward

- HIV franchise sales will depend on Gilead’s ability to transition TDF-based patients onto newer TAF-based drugs after 2021. TAF-based drugs are safer, but generic TDF could look favorable to payers.

- Filgotinib is a key component of the pipeline and will have two important readouts this quarter. Expectations are high and Gilead will need to show strong safety results.

- Ultimately, Gilead has a path to growth, but the visibility is poor. Gilead must show a clearer vision to growth in order for the stock to rerate.

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Gilead: Investor Debate Focused on Threat of GSK in HIV and on Management Departures

- GSK's 2-drug regimens are seen as potential threats to Gilead's HIV portfolio given the cost and safety benefits. However, sell-side experts and key opinion leaders remain unconvinced.

- Investors are also concerned about the recent slew of management departures, which could put the stock in near-term limbo and delay turnaround progress

- Other discussions include HIV strength, HCV stabilization, Yescarta's longer-term upside, and potential outcomes from upcoming readouts for filgotinib and NASH trials

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