I write about the non-consensus - what no one is talking about.


As it relates to stock stuff, I write about both consensus and non-consensus views. You need to know what the consensus view is on a stock so that you know how differentiated (or undifferentiated) your own view is. With that info in hand, it is then crucial to have a non-consensus view in order to believe that the stock is currently mispriced.  My posts on stocks revolve around these two steps. My posts talk about what the consensus view is on stocks, which most people are unaware of.

What makes me qualified to do this? I used to work in equity research for five years. I wrote those buy/hold/sell reports and spoke regularly with the largest institutional investors. 

I also occasionally write about my own views, which are hopefully non-consensus views. All opinions are my own.


Outside of the finance world, I write primarily about non-consensus views. I have always been attracted to the ideas that are less obvious. I've slowly gathered my own non-consensus views over time, which I'll discuss in the Non-Stock Thoughts section. I hope they eventually become consensus over time.

I always reserve the right to rant and rave about random things going on in my life as well.


Shoot me any comments that you might have to tell me how stupid I am.


Note: if you are here looking for financial models, send me a nice message and I might send ya one.